Complete Project List

Inter-Dimensional Camera Takes Photos of an Alternate Reality

How to Make a Lithophane (3D Printed Photo) 

First Tests of Robotic Envelope Addressing

How to Make a DIY Ultrasonic Knife

Adding Color to FormLabs 3D Prints
How To Digitally Push a Button

3D Printed Star Wars Helmet Shows Neat Infill Geometry

The 3D Printed Tiny P.08 Luger Pistol

The Low-Tech, High-Tech Cat Finder

Making a new kind of 3D Printer Filament Alarm - "Mister Screamer"

How I Repair Broken 3D Printed Support Structures On The Fly (and Salvage Big Prints)

Making Miniature Exploding DOOM Barrels

Star Wars Droid Translator Helmets
Update: Making the helmets: Droid Sounds
Link to official project page at

Featured on: Adafruit Blog, Mashable, Engadget, Gizmodo, TheNextWeb , Hack a Day, Fashionably Geek
Also: Discovery Channel Canada's Daily Planet, October Films' You Have Been Warned/Outrageous Acts of Science - Discovery Channel

Using UAVs to Show Crop Health

Tiny Dinosaurs with Rifles
Update: Now with display cases!
Update: Now with Velociraptor hunting parties!
Featured on The Firearm Blog's Picture of the Day!
It inspired MOA Target's T-Rex (imgur album)

Rancilio Silvia Low Water Sensor - newest prototype

Functional Prototypes - How to Develop Your Idea

How to Make Laser-cut Finger-jointed Enclosures Without the Finger Joints Showing

DIY Reflow Oven for Printed Circuit Board production

Making an Illuminated Inspection Lens From Junk

The Cactus Micro - $11 Arduino-compatible with ESP2866 wi-fi integrated

An FPV RC Aircraft Setup, or The Guide I Wished I Had When I Started Out

FPV Flying

FPV Flying gone badly

Hacking a Mini Quadcopter Controller to Add Yaw Control Shoulder Buttons

Getting to Know the FirePick Delta robotics platform (pick and place / 3D printer)

How To Laser-cut Your Own Mylar Solder Stencils, and Matching PCB Jigs Too

Peril-Sensitive Sunglasses (for a Sci-Fi contest)

Wireless Hardware Buttons for a Mobile App - for $20

Things Learned from my Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter Campaign for Designer Clocks

Prototyping and Making Designer Art Clocks

A Project Inspired by a Nearly 30-year-old Movie -or- ALIENS live-fire targets

Launched a New Product From Scratch: The Clay Clip (a clever little target hanger)

Low Water Indicator for my Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine