Monday 11 December 2023

Dial Up an 80's Supercomputer AI For a Chat With This Retro PC Project

I recently talked briefly about my retro PC project (earlier blog post) which I have now completed. 

The project made a good showcase for a review I wrote for the display I used: the Elecrow CrowVision 11.6" touchscreen. I had an opportunity to buy an early version of the display, and it happened to be just the thing I was waiting for to make this project work.

Celestia is the name of the retro PC project, and the files (including CAD, code, and notes on building) are all on GitHub here:

Here's a sample chat session with the AI (presenting as an 80's supercomputer):

Connected 2400 baud
>What are the steps to creating a successful business?
1. Identify market need.
2. Conduct market research.
3. Develop business plan.
4. Secure funding.
5. Establish legal structure.
6. Build team.
7. Create product/service.
8. Implement marketing strategy.
9. Launch operation.
10. Monitor performance.
11. Adapt as needed.
12. Continuously improve.
End of line
>Creating the product isn't step number one?
No. Identifying market need is crucial initial step. Ensure viable market exists before product made.
End of line
>ok that's all for now

It amuses me to no end that in the above exchange, the dialing up with a modem part is fake but the AI is real. What a time to be alive.

If you'd like to see the sample code for chatting with the AI (and would like to know more about things like when and how the AI knew to disconnect) the sample code is here along with some notes.

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