Tuesday 20 April 2021

3D Scanning and 3D Printing: How to Use Them Together

 Check out my latest article, all about how to most effectively use 3D scanning, in which I explain a few gotchas that lurk in wait for the average 3D printing enthusiast who wonders whether 3D scanning can help make a project a bit easier.

This is a dense topic that I distilled down to a short, practical summary by picking three common use cases: 

  1. Using 3D scanning to make copies of an object with 3D printing
  2. 3D scanning as an alternative to designing something from scratch in CAD
  3. 3D scanning as a way to digitize important shapes that would be a huge pain to make or create any other way
Check it out if any of that sounds relevant to you. It's part of a series of articles called 3D Printering on Hackaday.com, which focuses on 3D printing and things related to it.

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