Monday 6 May 2019

How to Visualize 4D Objects

A 4th spatial dimension (meaning not "Time" but instead a 4th axis (W) in addition to X, Y, and Z) is completely non-intuitive and difficult to comprehend, but there are some amazing resources to help you do exactly that.

First is a short video from the maker of an in-development game. It does an excellent job of describing how 4D navigation might appear to a 3D entity (like ourselves.)

Trippy, isn't it?

There is also a somewhat more in-depth and detailed (but still very accessible) two-part video series. Here is part one, which covers some fascinating essentials and is all about Perspective:

And the follow up about visualizing 4D geometry:
If you're thinking you can't really wrap your head around it, don't worry because no one else can either. But it's fascinating nonetheless.

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