Wednesday 8 November 2017

Making a Tiny Luger P.08 on my 3D Printer

Made from individual parts
I made a teeny tiny Luger P.08 pistol on my 3D printer. Not just a model, but I printed the individual pieces and assembled them.

It wasn't easy. In fact, while the pieces themselves printed out astoundingly well considering their tiny size, at such a small scale the tolerances just don't match well. Pieces that need to fit into other pieces just didn't go. Being off by a fraction of a millimeter is quite a lot when the pieces are so small to begin with.

With a lot of patience and sanding of some of the larger components, I was able to do a pretty good (if frustrating) job of assembling the pistol in clear resin!

I have been asked about model kits but this is just a demo piece; I wouldn't subject anyone else to the amount of work it took to make. At least, not yet.

A gallery at is available as well.

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