Wednesday 19 July 2017

3D Printing Pen Tubes / "Shells"

I tried an idea I got from a souvenir a friend showed me, and designed a Pen tube or "shell" that is made to accept standard Bic pen refills.

Inspired by the iconic phrase "END OF LINE" in the original TRON, I think it turned out quite well.

This was printed on a Raise3D N2 using eSUN PLA+ filament.  Raise3D has an absolutely fantastic house-brand premium PLA which is too expensive to ship to Canada, and it's only available direct from Raise3D.  However, I've found eSUN PLA+ (I order from to be a close second.

I think it would turn out even better on a resin printer like the Form 2.

If you want to make your own, a Bic pen insert is a 3.95mm diameter shaft 9mm long (this is the short area directly behind the cone that is the tip -- it goes into the tube and is held by friction.)  The ink tube area behind is close to 110mm long.  Make some 3D text, put a cylinder through it to stick the letters together like a shish kebab, then make a void inside with the measurements above. It worked first time for me, hope you have the same luck!

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