Wednesday 23 September 2015

Small product launch at

I recently did some work with custom board game tokens. Some of the things I did were popular enough that I decided to launch them as a product on a new site: Tick Tock Token!

Tick Tock Token is a source for custom board game organizers and play aids.  The first product is Mage Knight Wound Tokens - for the popular game Mage Knight.

I have been developing some board game play aids in my spare time (working on some new Eclipse and Terra Mystica as well as Legends of Andor organizers) and in the process also developing a token-based combat tracking system for Mage Knight.  In Mage Knight, large combats can get dense and confusing - my system provides a way to make it more structured.

In the process, I developed the following Wound Tokens which got enough interest from people that I made them available separately.

In Mage Knight when your units are wounded you normally lay a wound card over or under them like this or like this:

As you can see, it's either hard to see the wound card (if under) or hard to see the unit's values and info (if over) and in both cases it's in the way.  You can lay the wound card to the side, but that just makes it take up too much space.

To make matters worse, a unit may sometimes have more than one wound at a time!

The solution is the Mage Knight Wound Tokens. A far superior way to mark wounds.

It's the first product on Tick Tock Token, I design all my own products but maybe I'll carry the Uberstax when it's released (it was designed by my cousin.)

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