Thursday 14 May 2015

FirePick Delta News - beta testing begins soon

The FirePick Delta (an open source microfactory project) is shipping their Beta hardware!(May 2015)

The FirePick Delta is primarily a pick-and-place robot for assembling circuitboards.  However, it can support many different functions.  The point is to allow hobbyists and small businesses to use a robot to do things that are normally very inefficient and/or not feasible in a small workshop (such as pick-and-place of components, which is using a robot to install tiny electronics onto circuitboards.)

I will be one of the Beta Testers, responsible for assembling the hardware and setting up the software toolchain in order to test things out.  I will be responsible for helping with documentation as well (proper clear documentation).

In the meantime, visit the instagram page from Tin Whiskers to see the hardware all coming together!

See everything about FirePick Delta by clicking here.

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