Friday 25 October 2013

Rules Flowchart for Zpocalypse Boardgame

I recently picked up Zpocalypse from Greenbrier Games and it took me longer to get my head around the rules than I thought it should.

I made up a series of flowcharts to help me out.  I took the approach of "make the rules flowchart I wished I had when I was trying to learn the game."

You can download my Zpocalypse Flowcharts v1.2 here.

A nicer version is hosted by and available for download direct from Greenbrier Games!  Many thanks to Jeff Gracia (who is responsible for Zpocalypse) for this!

Version History
v1.0 - Initial rough draft
v1.1 - First (very brief) release
v1.2 - Rule correction re: placement of fortifications, and clarification with search tokens wording.  (Oct 2013)
1.2 based version used as a supplement and hosted by Greenbrier Games. (Nov 2013) 

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